Tesco Dewsbury, Leeds Road


This project involved refurbishment works to the Tesco Express Store at Leeds Road, Dewsbury. The works included:

  • Installation of propping to the basement

  • Removal of existing fixtures and fitting and storage for reuse.

  • Removal of adversely affected timber floor area

  • Removal of existing stud wall

  • Removal of existing stair case and replacement with new

  • Installation of support steels to receive pad stones pre-new floor installation

  • Installation of new timber floor Joists and the laying of new flooring ply

  • Laying new ceramic floor tiles to the entire sales floor and installing new entrance matting

  • Replacement ceiling grid and tiles

  • Installation of new tobacco gantry

  • Reinstall tills and air tube

  • Reinstall existing chillers

  • Reinstallation of entrances doors

  • Reinstallation of shelving

  • Decoration

  • Re-fix existing external hand rail

  • New internal and external signage installed