Tesco Sheffield, Spittal Fields


This project involved a repurposing scheme with the replacement of internal shelving, creation of new sales areas and various section moves within the store to create a space to allow for an Arcadia concession area. The works included:


·  Installation of new and existing shelving runs in various locations

·  Installation of News & Mags stand

·  New flooring and clothing racks to F&F Clothing area

·  Create new F&F changing rooms

·  Installation of new vinyl floor mats to Bakery & F&F

·  Create new Cook & Dine/ Home section

·  Installation of new Baby/ Electrical gondola

·  Installation of 2 No. Entertainment gondolas

·  Installation of new Books & Snacking shelving

·  Electrical and I.T works to suit new layouts

·  New internal and external signage