Tesco St. Ives


This project was a Reservoir project which involved undertaking works on the building fabric to bring it up to a let able standard. The works included:

·         Jet washing the roof and undertaking roof repairs that this subsequently identified.

·         Treatment of the existing roof of the cage marshalling area

·         Realign and reaffix the existing gutter

·         Raking out and refilling the cracks on the parapet wall to the main roof

·         External decoration to external metal doors, columns and gable ends.

·         Remove existing vinyl flooring, latex and lay new flooring to landing area

·         Concrete repairs to the basement floor

·         Repairs to lightning conductor

·         Uplifting and relaying existing uneven pavers to pedestrian areas

·         Uplifting and relaying existing kerb drainage

·         New wearing surface to car park

·         Soft landscaping