McDonald's Grimsby, Victoria Street West


This project involved the refurbishment of an existing McDonalds Restaurant to a new livery and design – Restaurant of the Future. In order to keep disruption to a minimum, the restaurant was closed down and a programme of 24/7 continuous working carried out over three weeks. The works included:


·        Installation of new lighting

·        Refurbishment of existing toilets

·        Electrical/Mechanical/Data cabling works as required when forming the new layout

·        Cut out drainage channels in kitchen floor for new drainage positions

·        Construction of new McCafe wall

·        Fitting new suspended ceiling in crew room, sales area and kitchen

·        New wall and floor tiling

·        Decoration

·        Paint to shop floor ceiling solid bulkhead. Toilet ceilings, door frames and corridor frames, windows where required.

·        New graphics to the restaurant area

·        Installation of new kitchen equipment

·        Replacement of restaurant fixtures and fittings

·        Replacement of floor coverings with new

·        Installation of a new counter and digital menu boards

·        Removal of existing & installation of new internal signs.

·        Removal of existing and replacement with new fire / smoke alarms & emergency lighting to suit new layout.

·        Installation of CCTV

·        Installation of new sound system

·        Installation of new external signage

·        New steel gates

·        External decoration