Teesside Park, Unit 20B - Maplins


This project involved the installation of new store frontages, sub division of the unit and installation of new cladding to Unit 20 – formerly a Maplins store. The fitout of the stores and signage erection was undertaken by the tenant. The works included:

·         Demolition & Site Clearance

·         Installation of new roof coverings

·         Installation of new Mansafe system

·         Construction of sub division walls and fire stopping

·         Cutting out of new openings for doors, installation of trimming steelwork around new door openings and installation of new cladding trims to doors

·         Redecoration works to cladding

·         Construction of new drainage to rear yard

·         Installation of new services to units and cap off

·         Making good internal floors

·         Making good external block paving’s

·         Removal of existing canopy, totems, high level cladding and horizontal signage zone

·         Erection of new structural steel for proprietary glazing and frontages

·         Installation of new structural steelwork for high level parapet

·         Construction of new parapet

·         Installation of high level signage to zone

·         Installation of Kingspan Karrier system

·         Installation of new Brise Soliel

·         Installation of new granite cladding

·         Installation of entrance doors, glazing and screens