Unit 4, Meteor Centre, Derby


This project involved refurbishment and alterations to Unit 4 at the Meteor Centre, Derby, occupied by the   Dreams store, to create two new units 4A and 4B. The works included:

 ·        Isolation of existing services
 ·        Removal of existing signage pylon
 ·        Construction of four new pad foundations at new signage locations 
 ·        Removal of existing shopfront 
 ·        Removal of existing floor finishes to Unit 4A
 ·        Make good fire protection to steel columns and walls to Unit 4A
 ·        Decorate internal elevations to Unit 4A
 ·        Installation of new shopfront
 ·        Respraying front elevation cladding
 ·        Installation of new signage pylons
 ·        Extending existing lightning protection to new signage pylons 
 ·        Cladding alterations to new shopfront
 ·        Decoration to signage feature
 ·        Paving alterations to suit new door openings 
 ·        Infill existing opening in rear wall 
 ·        Removal of existing concrete ramp, and making good hard standing 
 ·        Cladding to redundant roller shutter
 ·        Removal of existing roller shutter 
 ·        Form opening in rear wall
 ·        Extend existing slab
 ·        Installation of new roller shutter in rear wall 
 ·        Replacement bollards to rear of the unit 
 ·        Jet wash and clean existing roof cladding
 ·        Carry out roof repairs where required
 ·        Gutter relining